About us :

Chad Braley started out his professional career as a biomechanical engineer but decided that sitting behind a desk all day was a lot like having someone shut his hand in a car door over and over. After being "The IT guy" at his engineering positions, he joined Christopher Falk for a couple of years. Now independent, Chad is happy to support southern Maine and is doing his best to prevent all computer-related headaches in Portland, South Portland, Falmouth, Saco, Scarborough and the rest of Southern Maine.  And now at least he gets to shut his own hand in the car door.  

When Chad is not working on bleeping computers, he is Teaching K-5 Students and taking photographs. His photography will be on display May and June on the walls of the Dogfish Restaurant in Portland.  So now you can check out my photography AND have the best dinner in town.  Seriously.  Not just about the photos, but about the best plates in town.   To view and purchase his photos click here:

Chad's Photography